A city where poeple meet, harbor at the foot of the mountains, heart of a millennial winemaking tradition. This is Verona: a lively, active, prosperous and somewhat bizarre city center, once home to hundreds of hosts who welcomed all kinds of people, offering them wine, food and freedom.

October in Verona was the month of the must that fluttered in tins. In October wineries became holders of the greatest treasure of peasant civilization: new wine. And October was also the time of the festival, which celebrated with euphoria the great fatigue of the harvest.

Hostaria, a wine and grape festival, could only have been born in Verona, today destination praised in all languages of the world. In the city of Romeo and Juliet, where art, culture, gastronomy and wine blend in an ideal combination, the widespread sensation of beauty and the simple pleasure of being together are the key for understanding the original meaning of Hostaria.

As in the ancient Hostarias, wine entertained the guests as in the Veronese Festival of conviviality. The time there runs slower, among delicious spacialities to be tasted at the corners of the streets, lectures and conversations, musicians who you would like to be friends with, poets, artists and actors who all make the hours spent in the extraordinary city of love unforgettable.


The historic center of Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, as a splendid example of a city that has grown and developed continuously incorporating high quality artistic elements of different times in history.

Verona also represents the concept of a fortified city built in several stages, typical of European history.

The old city center, built in Roman style, is surrounded on three sides by the river Adige.

Verona is renowned internationally thanks to the popular Shakespearean work of Romeo and Juliet.

The symbol of the city is the Arena, which is the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the world.

The many tourists who visit the city throughout the whole year discover a charming, cozy city, rich in cultural and gastronomic offers.

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