The Festival is organized by the Hostaria Cultural Association in collaboration with the City of Verona.

The sources of inspiration drawn by the festival are also the principles of the Association.

The principles are 5, just like the fingers of a hand, in order to be easily remembered and told. Every principle expresses a single, clear and distinct concept.



To have as an ideal reference the old-time function of the “osteria” (Italian inn), that is to welcome people in a convivial climate.


The name of the Festival is inspired by the value of hospitality in its highest sense. To create social occasions to meet and share passions, interests and entertainment is one of our professional ambitions. The best conviviality is found in places, such as the old osterie, in which there are no category boundaries and where social roles are evened by the pleasure of being together, despite all differences.



To enhance the uniqueness of Verona’s territory, favoring the encounter with the authenticity of its traditions.


Our Association is committed to enhance the city of Verona and its province, through the  creation and coordination of events like Hostaria that favor the encounter with the most authentic expressions of its territory. The motivation that moves us is our awareness of living and working in a beautiful place, full of art and history, gorgeous landscapes and food and wine excellencies, destination for an international tourism that is more and more interested to increase its knowledge on this extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage.



To promote in every occasion the food and wine experience, as it is the economic and cultural heritage of the territory.


Created to support the organization of the Wine Festival and the grape harvest of Verona, the Hostaria Association takes care of planning and creating events built around the discovery and experience of taste, within an environmental context full of value and suggestion. The quality certification of the promoted products is an essential premise from which each of our initiatives stem.



To create entertainment and interest around important and attractive cultural contents, thought-out for a wider audience.


Along with the suggestion of the location and the convivial climate of the “people’s” event, what makes the tasting experience even more meaningful and memorable is the presence of genuine cultural stimulus. We therefore try to bring quality contents to the Festival, because we believe that the fusion between the people’s city square and culture is an ingredient essential to carry out an effective enhancement of the territory.



To favor social inclusion in every way, dedicating care and attention also to weaknesses and diversities.


We believe that an evolved society must pay close attention to those that are more frail than others, such as also all of those that for various reasons encounter obstacles toward integration. For this reason the Hostaria Festival wants to guarantee the broadest access to the event, leaving no-one out.  As an Association we also collaborate to projects that favor social inclusion and we support awareness campaigns aimed to create a more open and sympathetic society.

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