Hostaria accogliente



The “Hostaria Accogliente” (Welcoming Hostaria) project rises from the intent to make the event 100% accessible to those who are disabled, as well. The project is also clearly addressed to groups or families accompanying those in need.



Protected hotel hospitality

The GRAN CAN Restaurant Hotel ** of Pedemonte, in Valpolicella, 10 km from Verona, is a
lovely hotel structure that has a special hospitality, care and inclusion project for People with disabilities, supported 24 hours by Intermediate Care Technicians. People, families and groups that are traveling can find a welcoming environment and an effective help and support service upon request.



  • Dus Room + Breakfast: € 40,00
  • Double Room + Breakfast: € 60,00
  • Triple Room + Breakfast: € 87,00
  • 1 additional bed: € 22,00
  • Crib: € 10,00
  • aid worker: € 20,00/per hour
  • professional educator: € 22,00/per hour


all prices include breakfast, wifi and on-location parking

there is a limit of 1 maximum additional bed per room

Children under the age of 2 stay free of charge in their parent’s beds


Assistance for Autism, at home, in the hotel or as an accompaniment to the event

Azalea Cooperativa offers single people, families and groups Aid Workers or Educators for:

  • accompaniment of the person to the event
  • company for the person in the hotel or at home


  • Aid worker: € 20,00/per hour
  • Company for the person in the hotel or at home: € 22,00/per hour



Mandatory booking and 48 hour advance notice on the service needed by calling the following numbers:

Hospitality at Gran Can Hotel Tel 045 7701911

Autism Services Tel 045 575388

Calling times are between 9 am and 5 pm


Paid services can be settled in advance by depositing on the bank account, or at the end of the service. Ask for info by phone while booking. An invoice/receipt will be issued for the helper at home/hotel or at the event.

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